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200 GPM Distillation System
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Technical Specifications provided by the manufacturer as a guide to describe the equipment, please verify process application.




Parts Cleaning Technologies Model ADS-200-EW Solvent Still rated @ 200 gph nominal distillation, Electric Heated/Water Cooled. This unit to be constructed as described below and the attached specifications. The unit is designed for low emission solvent distillation application with most chlorinated/HFC/HFE/nPB/other blended solvents. Unit to be set per customer specifications and wired for 460volts, 3 phase, 60 hertz, NEMA 1 with 120 volts controls.


Operation Note:  All PCT Atmosphere Distillation Systems are designed for use with specific solvents.  They are not designed for use with any flammable or combustible materials.  Failure to obey these guidelines and failure to provide periodic maintenance may result in damage to the equipment or harm to personnel in the event of equipment misuse. To verify specific solvent application, please contact PCT.






Contaminated solvent to be reclaimed is transferred into the still by means of a fluid displacement switch controlling a transfer pump. This pump will transfer contaminated solvent from the degreaser or process tank to the still. This solvent/contaminant mixture is heated to the solvent’s boiling point; thereby vaporizing the solvent present, freeing it from the contaminated portion of the mixture. Solvent vapors rise and condense on the internal cooling coils. The condensed solvent and any entrained moisture drains by gravity into the condenser troughs and flows through piping to an external water separator. Water is separated from the distilled solvent at this point based on retention time and temperature. The discharged solvent is returned by gravity to the degreaser for reuse.


The water separator outlet is provided with a visaflow gauge so that the flow of distillate can be observed. This visaflow gauge is mounted in a convenient viewing place. Typical distilled solvent return to the degreaser is by gravity flow.




Standard Electrical System


The ADS is controlled with electrical components mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure complete with mounted disconnect device for lock-out/tag-out. Each operational device such as pump, heaters, etc., will have a push button station or selector switch mounted in the electrical panel door.  Standard control voltage is 120 V.A.C. Panel will be mounted on the still body with all wiring (internal of panel and external to devices) installed. PCT uses quality/reliable standard brand components – available nationwide.  Applied voltage to be 460-3-60.


(1) stainless steel transfer pump complete with magnetic starter, NEMA 1 (customer mounted to degreaser)


(1) Type 304 stainless steel finned tubing


(1) inlet piping to the water separator with type 304 stainless steel piping




(1) bronze visiflow sight glass on the water separator outlet piping to visually observe distillation output


(1) direct expansion water cooled refrigeration to the above ADS 200 Still. Includes all wiring, electrical controls, piping and assembly to incorporate the refrigeration system into the distillation system.


(1) dual/split STORAGE TANK capable of total working capacity of 2700 gallons. 1200 gallons Clean side-1500 gallons dirty side.


·         Tank will be constructed of 10 ga Type 304 stainless steel.


·         Unit will be equipped with structural base.


·         Each tank is to be equipped with a sloped bottom with drain valve and 2 -22½ x 22½  access doors. One on top, and one on the side or end for ease of maintenance access,


·         Each chamber to have a gauge glass / level indicator and spare couplings for piping connections.


·          Tank designed for still to be mounted on top. 


·          Each chamber to have low and high level float switches to monitor status of the respective tank.


·          Tank to have a control panel with warning lights and audible monitor signaling status.


·          Fittings/couplings for venting of back to the still body condenser area.


·          Unit to be shipped preassembled / prewired. ( Still will have to be removed from the tank for shipping and remounted on the tank by customer and interconnect wiring re-terminated.


·         Tank dimensions are approx.: 206” long x 48” high x 72” wide   






The tank and still system can operate as a batch system or it will operate continuously as long as there is a continuous supply of “dirty” solvent to be processed. Either the dirty solvent tank low level sensor or the clean solvent tank high sensor can shut down the still. When either tank reaches a high or low level an audible alarm and light will be activated.  System must be physically restarted after the low or high level condition has been physically corrected.






Terms and Conditions:

This item is being sold “As is, where is”. No returns or exchanges. The buyer is responsible for verifying the condition and operational functions. Sale must be completed within 7 days of purchase otherwise sale is considered delinquent. If your item will remain in our warehouse for 30 days passed invoice date, a $1/ sq foot/ month warehousing fee will be applied.

Please provide the following information:

Complete company information: address, contact person, phone number, fax number, destination address if different then company address already provided.

Payment Options:

  • 10% via PayPal, Balance via Bank To Bank Transfer
  • Full Payment via Bank To Bank Transfer
  • Cash at time of pick up
  • Credit Cards with 3% Service Fee
  • (No Checks of any kind accepted)
  • PayPal or Credit Cards ONLY accepted for transactions below $500

Additional charges:

Trucking, palletizing or loading / securing into overseas container

Packaging, skidding, crating and loading could be an additional charge depending on the nature of the item and what is required for shipping. Please contact us and let us know what services you need quoted.