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A&A Machinery Moving, Inc. Launches New Website

A&A Machinery Moving, Inc. has launched its new website offering a single online source for all A&A customers.

Tony Cygan and Brian Daniel of A&A Machinery led the development of the website along with web developers from netStride.

The newly designed website offers simple navigation for all visitors and easy access to essential information and services provided by A&A Machinery. The website offers an extensive insight into the broad range of services provided by the company. A new section added for their customer’s benefit is their project profiles section. Visitors can access selected projects conducted by the company and read up on the company’s abilities and experiences in the field.

The new A&A website has a clean and updated inventory design for the A&A Machinery Sales portion of the business. Visitors will be able to buy what is in the company’s inventory, see what “weekly hot deals” are out, view any new arrivals to the inventory, and also sell new and used machinery and equipment. This is sure to be a hot spot for all machinery buyers and sellers.

A&A Machinery has revamped its Versa-Lift Rentals page for the new website. Visitors now can view all the necessary specifications and dimensions for all Versa-Lifts in their fleet. There are load charts for all the Versa-Lifts in the fleet. An added benefit for visitors to this page is the downloadable PDFs created by A&A. Renters of their fleet can access and download a PDF with all of the necessary specifications and dimensions for each Versa-Lift. A&A Machinery wants to provide its customers with all the needed tools and support when working with the company.

“Our goal with the new website was to bring the company’s online presence into the 21st century and create a good customer experience for any visitors on our site no matter if they want to see what services we can provide their company to buying and selling machinery and equipment to renting one of our Versa-Lifts,” said Brian Daniel, Business Development and Marketing Manager of A&A Machinery. “We want our customers to discover the A&A difference.”

The new website will go live January 13th, 2017. Go Discover the A&A Difference!

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