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SC&RA A&A Award

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Time Lapse Video – 632 Ton Schuler Hydraulic Press Layover

A time lapse video of the layover process for a 632 Ton Schuler Press in York, PA. The Schuler press was dismantled prior to the layover. This layover process was completed with the use of Versa-Lifts and gantry system. The press was then loaded onto a truck.

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Time Lapse Video – 90′ Double Girder Crane Installation

A time lapse video from multiple perspectives of the installation of an 90 ft. double girder crane in Pennsylvania with the use of a Versa-Lift 60/80 (full counterweight), 10,000 lbs. telehandler, 8,000 lbs. forklift, an 80 ft. man lift, a 32 ft. scissor lift and 3 tower sections.

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Time Lapse Video – Rigging Distillation Module with 300T Gantry

Erecting one of two, prefabricated distillation column modules in a pharmaceutical facility.  Each module, at 13’x14’x34’ long and weighing 58,000 lb. each, was brought in on its side and uprighted within a zero-overhead clearance environment using 300 Ton hydraulic gantry system at full extension.

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Time Lapse Video – Removal of a 170,000 lb. Yankee Dryer

Removing a 170,000# Yankee Dryer roll through the roof with the use of a crane. Removal of this 16’ diameter x 25’ long dryer roll was part of project to relocate an entire Valmet 2.5 meter Tissue Machine out of Lincoln, ME.

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Is Your Bill of Lading Protecting You?

Nick Lykon, our Senior Project Manager here at A&A Machinery Moving & Sales recently wrote an article for Locator Magazine, titled “Is Your Bill of Lading Protecting You?” The article discusses the bill of lading and whether or not you are protecting your business from any issues that may arise. The article gives step-by-step instructions […]

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Investment Recovery: The Entire Picture

Click here to download PDF. Because multiple factors affect the true, end value of any investment recovery project, it’s critically important to establish the goals of the project early on. Typically, there are three main elements to any investment recovery project: 1. Revenue – the income that can be generated; redeployments, sales, salvage, etc. 2. […]

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