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SC&RA A&A Award

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Laying over a 100,000 lb. Verson stamping press

Industrial Manufacturing Plant Decommission

From Light to Dark A large North American manufacturer of commercial lighting products closed their 400,000 sq.ft. plant located in Eastern Pennsylvania. Over the years, A&A Machinery Moving had been the long-standing rigging resource, handling much of the machinery and equipment within the plant. Production at the plant ceased in Mid-October 2017, with a real-estate […]

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GVMA Compressor removal by A&A Machinery Moving

Remove Two (2) 3,000HP Cooper LSV-12 Engines w/KM-4 Gas Compressors

Scope of Work: Remove and load onto trucks, two (2) 3,000HP Cooper LSV-12 gas engines from gas compressor station in Clendenin, WV. Project Details: Remove two (2) 3,000HP Cooper LSV-12 natural gas engines driving KM-4 gas compressors Dismantle into major components prior to removal Two v-blocks Intermediate crankcase Lower crankcase – heaviest piece @ 45,000# […]

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350,000 lb. GE LM2500

GE LM2500 Combustion Gas Turbine Rigging

Scope of Work: Rig into place GE LM2500, 25MW combustion turbine generator (CGT) weighing 350,000#.  Unit was recommissioned into an existing combined-cycle co-generation configuration that has been in layup. Unit rigged into place inside the building using hydraulic sliders. Inside building it was positioned and lowered onto existing cast-in-place anchors.  A 70’ slide path with […]

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Remove Six (6) 1,100HP Cooper Integral Gas Compressors

Scope of Work: Remove six (6) GMVA-8 Cooper integral engines/compressors weighing more than 90,000# each from Cleveland compressor station located in Kanawha Head, WV.  Units were rigged and loaded with a jack-and-slide approach utilizing hydraulic sliders and 4-point unified jacking system.  Site configuration and PCB contamination created unique challenges. Project Details: Six (6) 1,100HP Cooper […]

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Removal of generator

Remove Generator from Solar Taurus 70 CTG for Emergency Repair

Scope of Work: Disconnect and remove 40,500# Kato Synchronous AC Generator from Solar Taurus 70 7.5MW combustion turbine generator for emergency repairs. Unit needed to be rigged from a 2nd floor wall penetration and loaded onto truck. Following generator repairs, rig the unit back into place. Project Details: Remove air intake louvered wall panels Disconnect […]

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Yankee Dryer being hoisted up through the roof

Valmet Tissue Machine Dismantle

Scope Of Work: Disconnect, match-mark, dismantle and load a 2.5 meter Valmet Tissue Machine Mod. DCT100 from Lincoln Paper in Lincoln, ME, where it was installed new in 2006. All ancillary and support equipment such as burners, refiners, pumps and tanks were included in the relocation, along with large bore (>2” diameter) piping. Our scope […]

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Turn-key relocation of three vinyl flooring manufacturing lines and associated support and plant equipment.

Vinyl Flooring Plant Relocation

Scope Of Work: Turn-key relocation of three (3) vinyl flooring manufacturing lines and associated support and plant equipment. Relocation of the 12’ wide vinyl flooring manufacturing lines conducted in three (3) phases. Scope included all mechanical/electrical disconnects, match-marks and re-installation of manufacturing lines at the destination facility including leveling/aligning and mechanical/electrical reconnects. Start-up support provided […]

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Relocating college print shop

Relocation Of College Print Shop Equipment

Scope Of Work: Relocate printing equipment from college print shop from an upper floor to basement area of building. Included in this relocation was a Heidelberg SM52 4-color press that was separated into sections weighing 10,500 lb. and 7,500 lb. respectively. The sections were lowered into the basement through a hatch area. This hatch area […]

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Rigging a pharmaceutical distillation column module within near-zero clearance environment using 300 ton hydraulic gantry system

Erect Two Modular Distillation Columns – Gantry Rigging

Scope Of Work: Off-load and erect two (2) fully prefabricated distillation column modules within an actively processing pharmaceutical environment. The project was completed in two phases, seven (7) weeks apart; each phase being one module.  Each 58,000lb. module was brought into the building on its side through an enlarged, grade-level temporary wall penetration. The modules […]

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Lowering 14,500 lb. low-headroom lift truck into basement area using a Versa-Lift™ Model 25/35 with boom hoist attachment. Note the Versa-Lift™ is on a cribbed and plated platform level with the floor, enabling the lift to access the opening

Cooler Infeed/Outfeed Remove & Replace – Power Generation

Scope Of Work: Replace an infeed water box & elbow and outfeed water box and spool section from coolers at the PSEG Hudson Generating Station fossil fuel plant. The equipment was located in a basement area with tight clearances and low headroom. Our approach consisted of using two (2) low-headroom lift trucks in the basement […]

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