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Rigging and heavy lifting jobs involve dangerous maneuvers, but when done right by professionals, it can be a work of art.

Lifting and moving thousands of pounds of machinery and industrial equipment is a specialized trade that requires precise planning, extensive knowledge, and execution of the job. On this page, you’ll discover a video library showcasing the capabilities of A&A Machinery Moving. Check back often, as this library will be updated with new videos from jobs we’ve completed for our customers.

Rigging with 300 Ton Gantries within a Pharmaceutical Plant

Removal of a 170,000 lb. Yankee Dryer Through Roof

90 ft. Double Girder Overhead Crane Installation

Rigging Komatsu 300 Ton Press – Unload & Transfer (Part 1)


Rigging Layover of 632 Ton Hydraulic Press

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