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Plant Dismantling

We perform dismantling projects ranging in size from single manufacturing or processing lines to entire plants. Our dismantling services include:

  • Dismantling & RemovalsThe dismantle of a Yankee dryer Lincoln, ME
  • Decommissioning Assistance
  • Rigging & Machinery Moving
  • Scrap Metal Removal
  • Asset/Investment Recovery
  • Auction/Liquidation Services

Many contractors underestimate the inherent risks and corresponding skills and resources required to safely and efficiently dismantle entire plants or process and manufacturing lines. At A&A, we’ve done this work before and we know how to handle it. We’ve developed processes and systems specific to this work through our experiences. We’ll put this experience and knowledge to work for you.

Because many industrial dismantling and decommissioning projects have some element of investment recovery, we may be uniquely qualified to help you.  If your project has any asset or investment recovery elements, we can assist you through our asset recovery services.

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