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A&A is now an MEI Company! Read the press release to learn more. 


SC&RA A&A Award

Learn about the award-winning project here.  


Selling Equipment?

Call us if you have machinery or equipment to sell.  If you have idled, unused, surplus, inoperable or end-of-life assets, we can convert it to working cash for you.  We can either buy your used machinery and equipment outright or sell it for you.

When it comes to selling equipment, we have a number of avenues available to us. We can list your equipment in one of our auctions, in our inventory or our online store.  We also have a large network of buyers contacting us seeking specific types of equipment.

Whether it’s a single machine or an entire plant, we can reach the right buyers in the right markets to get you the best return on assets you’re not using.  And if you have questionable assets taking up valuable and needed floor space, but you’re not sure you want to sell, we can warehouse it for you until you make that decision or get the price you want.  And because we provide all the supporting services such as rigging, machinery moving, warehousing and crating services, you only need to make one call.

If you want to convert assets you no longer need to cash, you need A&A Machinery Sales.

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