Brewery Acquisition Auction

Project Details

  • Project: Remove, load and deliver Brewery fermenter tanks, silos, chillers, compressors etc.

  • Equipment used: Hyster 15k lb carrying capacity forklifts with Jib booms, Hyster 8k lb carrying capacity forklift with Jib boom, Scissor lift, 10k lb carrying capacity telehandler, 40/60 Versa-Lift with Jib boom which can lift of 40,000 pounds with the base retracted or up to 60,000 pounds with the base extended, 45-ton crane/boom truck, and a 45’ articulating man lift.

  • Location: Maryland

  • Date: July 2023

A&A Machinery Moving was contacted by an existing customer who acquired a brewery. The job was to remove the remaining equipment from the acquisition’s location. The customer partnered with an auction company to sell off the remaining assets and the A&A Machinery Moving team was to remove, load and deliver the following assets.

Load and Deliver

(1) 60 Barrel Brew House which was dismantled into 5 main components, loaded, and shipped to Canada
(24) 180 Barrel stainless fermenter tanks
(24’ tall x 9’ diameter)  
(3) 120 Barrel stainless fermenter tanks (21’ tall x 9’ diameter)
(2) Outdoor silo
(1) Spent Hopps silo  

Misc. chillers, compressors, process skids, small holding tanks, filling line, etc.  

The company who originally installed the 180 Barrell Stainless Fermenter tanks cut a hole in the roof of the building and used a crane to lift the top of the tanks to stand them up. Then, the legs were welded on after the tanks were in an upright position. However, our crew, with their expertise and ingenuity, developed an alternative plan that proved to be both efficient and safe. Instead of modifying the building or the tanks, the team utilized three forklifts with jib booms to carefully lay the tanks horizontally inside the building, with the legs remaining intact. Then, the team dollied the tanks while they were in a horizontal position onto A&A Machinery Moving trucks as the site had dock-level access only. Our crew skillfully maneuvered the tanks around the site and staged them in the parking lot for convenient loading.  

The crew’s successful implementation not only showed problem solving and dedication, but also the advantages of exploring innovative solutions in challenging situations. The project was completed 4 days before the removal deadline.

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