Our Featured A&A Machinery Projects

A substantial portion of our work portfolio consists of machinery moving projects. We perform each of our A&A Machinery projects with safety at the helm.  Each and every day we have multiple crews dispatched to move, load, unload or install single to multiple machines at different locations. We are highly responsive and dispatch crews quickly to perform this work. These projects are numerous.

Another portion of our work portfolio consists of larger projects with longer durations or projects of a critical nature requiring extensive planning or creative solutions. These are the type of projects represented below in this section. These selected projects represent some of our capabilities and the services we provide. And some are just plain interesting. What we like most about our industry are the variety and the challenges presented each and every day.

Below are selected projects that represent just a small portion of our services and abilities. If you’re looking for a rigging company, we serve all industries in the Mid-Atlantic region – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. Click on the projects to learn more. Discover the A&A Difference.