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Heavy Rigging

Rigging a pharmaceutical distillation column module within near-zero clearance environment using 300 ton hydraulic gantry system


When you have a large rigging project, you need a proven contractor who is capable, experienced and safe. With A&A, you can be confident you’ve got the right contractor.

We perform and excel in heavy, industrial machinery and equipment rigging projects including turn-key services from disassembly, to transportation, to installation. Regardless of the size, weight, or location, we do it right and do it safe.

Engineered and critical crane lifts, gantry lifts to 300 Ton, heavy forklifts to 100,000 lb., jack-and-slide work, unified structural jacking, millwright, cantilever insertions and more. We’ve got both the equipment and the creative know-how to develop the best solution for your project.

A&A Machinery Rigging

Single-piece equipment rigging to dismantling entire plants, we bring the experience, capabilities and craftsmanship to get the work done right and on-time. We’re a full-service industrial rigging contractor providing the riggers, machinery movers, millwrights and craft professionals to assemble and erect your machinery and equipment including disconnects, reconnects, heavy hauling, leveling, aligning and anchoring.

If your project is a relocation or a removal for redeployment, we bring considerable value to the project. Based on experience, we’ve developed proven match-marking systems and processes providing you efficient re-installation and problem-free startups.

We’re qualified through all of the major 3rd party agencies such as ISNetworld, Avetta (formerly PICS) and BROWZ. We know how to work safely and we keep our project sites safe.

We also provide secure machinery and equipment warehousing. We can receive and store machinery and equipment, and bring it to you as your project needs it. If you need pieces removed prior to having a ‘home’ for it, we’ll provide the storage. We can also crate and skid items for transport and export. We’re an authorized ISPM-15 export packaging contractor.

And because we also buy and sell used machinery and equipment through our affiliate, A&A Machinery Sales, Inc., we can convert your unused, surplus or idle assets to cash for you. Our used machinery services include auctions, liquidations and more comprehensive asset recovery services with a specialization on assets requiring redeployment. We manage one of the most comprehensive auction calendars in the U.S. and can even help you source used equipment you may be seeking.

Whether you need rigging services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland or across the nation, we’re the industrial rigging team you need. When you need rigging services, you need A&A. Come Discover the Difference.


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