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Whether you are a local machine shop or a large industrial plant, our team of riggers and machine movers is ready to assist you in moving, removing, or relocating your machinery and industrial equipment from point to point; ensuring they arrive on-time and in the same condition.

With over 30 years of service, our highly-skilled team of riggers and machinery movers can handle any size or shape of equipment. The extensive inventory of rigging equipment we possess ensures disruptions to your operations are minimal and you are up and running once again in the shortest time possible.

Turn-Key Rigging

We operate as a full-service rigging and machinery moving contractor. Our team performs every step of the process from connecting the utilities to leveling, aligning and anchoring, to the assembly and erection of the machinery.

When machines need to be removed and relocated for redeployment, we should be your first call. We make use of proven match-marking systems and processes that we have developed to ensure the reinstallation and startups are efficient and problem-free. Our customized approaches ensure your equipment is protected and our services are dependable.

Customers who choose us avoid the need to hire multiple contractors for their projects. Our project managers design solutions that guarantee your project is completed successfully from start to finish.

Plant Relocations

Factory and plant relocations tend to be time-consuming, stressful, and costly, but they don’t need to be. When a company hires the right industrial rigging contractor, the entire process becomes streamlined.

A&A Machinery Moving is your go-to relocation contractor. We tackle everything from project management and scheduling, to dismantling and moving the equipment, to reinstalling, leveling, aligning and anchoring. Project scheduling ensures there is little inconvenience to you. When you work with us, we handle all aspects of the project, so there’s no need for additional contractors or points of contact.

Plant Decommissions

Factories and plants close for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why a facility needs to be decommissioned, A&A Machinery can be there to assist. The same is true even if the plant will remain in operation, but needs a machine or process line decommissioned.

Our crews will disconnect and dismantle the industrial equipment in a timely manner. Whether it is for redeployment at another facility or for scrap, our rigging crews will handle dismantling and removing the equipment from the plant, and recycle the machinery or relocate it to its destination. A project manager is always on-hand to ensure the accuracy, safety, and efficiency of the project from start to finish. 

As an added benefit to you, our sister company A&A Machinery Sales can help convert idled, obsolete, end-of-life, scrap or surplus machinery, manufacturing and process equipment into revenue. They’ll maximize your return and minimize your costs and liabilities.

Warehousing & Long-Term Storage

You may find yourself in a situation where your facility is not ready for new or redeployed equipment. We have a solution for this situation. Simply contact us to learn more about our flexible machinery warehousing and long-term equipment storage options.

We currently operate three warehouses, all within minutes of Interstate 95 and both the PA and NJ Turnpikes. Your items can be stored until they are needed on-site, whether that be a week, month, or years. Once the project schedule permits delivery, we deliver the machinery and equipment to your site and rig into place.

The same is true when machinery and equipment need to be removed from a facility, but your company doesn’t have a new home for it yet. Short and long-term storage options are available.

Crating & Packaging

Companies frequently need to ship items that have to be packaged or crated. Specialized machinery and equipment require special care when transporting. A&A Machinery steps in when this is the case. We crate items to be exported, load containers, shrink wrap goods, fabricate fixtures and supports or inject foam packing among other things.

We’re an ISPM-15 certified export crating and packaging contractor and possess certification stamps from IPPC HT-Crating and Dunnage, IPPC MB-Methyl Bromide Fumigation and IPPC MB/Dunnage-Methyl Bromide Fumigation; Donnage.

Furthermore, our company has been registered as a mill so we are able to fumigate our lumber. There is no need to turn to the commercial heat-treated lumber market when products are neededOur possess two full sets of traveling stamps, so items can be handled at your location or in our shop.

Intermodal sea containers may be needed to transport goods, and our team maximizes the volume of the container, protects the load and secures it to keep the cargo safe. When loads must be consolidated, call on us. We’ll receive and store the equipment before consolidating it on full trucks or containers. As a result, clients find they are able to save money, and A&A Machinery handles all tasks, including outbound transportation.

Heavy Hauling

Manufacturing and process equipment comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and weights, and a machinery moving company should be able to handle all pieces with ease. Our team has access to an extensive heavy hauling fleet. The fleet includes landolls, double-drops, flats, curtain-sides and much more. Our goal is to be the only company you need when it comes to moving and relocating your machinery.

Furthermore, we take on all tasks associated with the move. This includes not only having the right truck and trailer for the job, but also the best route. Any permits that are needed will be obtained by our team.


Craft professionals and project managers on our team can perform machine rebuilds and repairs per provided OEM or engineer specifications. We work with precision machined surfaces and components and know-how to deal with press-fits, cold-shrinking, large and high-torque fasteners, and precision tolerances.

Asset Recovery

Businesses find there comes a time when they need to retire machinery. Why not make some money while doing so? With our help, customers find they are able to minimize costs while maximizing their return. Our team assists with buying used machinery and equipment, auctioning or liquidating entire plants and factories, scrap metal recovery, and more.

A&A Machinery understands running a business is not easy. When multiple contractors must be used to complete an essential task, time and money are wasted. For this reason, we now offer a range of machinery moving services so clients don’t need to look elsewhere for help. Give us a call today to talk with our team of experts.


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