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Nick Lykon Becomes A&A’s New GM

Morrisville, PA – Locally owned A&A Machinery Moving announced on Monday July 10th, 2017, Nick Lykon was promoted to General Manager. In this position, Nick Lykon will be responsible for all day-to-day operations of the company along with playing a pivotal role in identifying and implementing strategic growth plans. Nick Lykon A&A Machinery Moving

Nick Lykon has been with A&A Machinery Moving for the past twenty-one years; most recently as Senior Project Manager. He is also the brother of A&A Machinery President and founder, Albert Lykon.

Nick has managed most of the large projects A&A Machinery has performed over the years, both on the moving and sales sides of the company. Most recently, this included a four month project in Lincoln, ME where Nick led the A&A team in a project to dismantle and ship a large paper machine and associated equipment to a facility in Ontario, Canada where it will be reinstalled.

“As the new General Manager of A&A Machinery Moving Inc., I look forward to expanding our services and opportunities with our clients. A&A Machinery has a great reputation in the industry and I’ll work towards growing that reputation in the course of serving our customers,” said Nick when asked about taking over as the new General Manager.

Nick is also an elected official for Plumstead Township, PA where he has served as a Supervisor since 2014. Additionally, he is currently President for the Philadelphia chapter of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA).


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