Vinyl Flooring Plant Relocation

Project Details

  • Project: Turn-key, match-mark, dismantle, ship, re-installation of relocated equipment, mechanical and electrical disconnects & re-connects, leveling/alignments, start-up support, asset recovery services

  • Date: January 2017

Scope Of Work:

Turn-key relocation of three (3) vinyl flooring manufacturing lines and associated support and plant equipment. Relocation of the 12’ wide vinyl flooring manufacturing lines conducted in three (3) phases. Scope included all mechanical/electrical disconnects, match-marks and re-installation of manufacturing lines at the destination facility including leveling/aligning and mechanical/electrical reconnects. Start-up support provided following installation of each phase.

Before starting the initial phase, the schedule changed substantially due to changes in client’s business conditions and production demands. Schedule changes required the work to start earlier and be completed within a shorter duration.

A&A also provided asset recovery services to the client by liquidating approximately 18 truckloads of machinery, equipment and material handling/storage equipment not required at the new location.


  • Turn-key relocation of:
    • Three (3) vinyl flooring manufacturing lines
    • ancillary and related plant and support equipment
    • 50 truckloads of machinery & equipment
  • Match-mark, dismantle, ship
  • Reinstallation of relocated equipment
  • Mechanical disconnects & reconnects
  • Electrical disconnects & reconnects
  • Leveling/Alignments
  • Start-up support
  • Asset Recovery Services
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