Turn-key Plant Relocation

Project Details

  • Project: Disassembly, rigging, machinery moving, and millwrighting

  • Equipment used: (2) 40/60 Versa-Lifts with boom, a 50-ton Mobile crane, and a telehandler

  • Location: Philadelphia, PA

  • Date: August 2023

A&A Machinery Moving, an MEI Company, was brought on to complete a turn-key plant relocation and millwrighting project. The crew was to disassemble two industrial shredders and accessory components, transport and then place the machinery in long-term storage. First, the team air-gapped the electricity to ensure safety during the project. Next, the electrical and hydraulic connections were matched, marked, and tagged for easy reassembly in the future. Our crew carefully labeled, disassembled, and cut the enclosure and mezzanine into manageable sections for removal. Using a 50-ton crane and telehandler, these sections were safely extracted from inside the building. Two 40/60 Versa-Lifts were used to remove outdoor powerpack units and load them for transport.

Rigging, machinery moving, and millwrighting projects usually have unique challenges. One of the challenges our crew faced with this project was removing shredders and stands from inside the building, which required reaching over a 4-foot-high concrete wall. The equipment had to be lifted from above using two 40/60 Versa-Lifts with boom attachments. The team had to seal and protect all hydraulic and electrical connections to prevent damage. Finally, all the disassembled components and sections were loaded onto trucks and delivered to the A& Machinery Moving Philadelphia warehouse for long-term storage. Handling complex industrial machine disassembly and plant relocation projects is nothing new to our crews. Learn more about MEI plant and factory relocation services @ https://www.meiriggingcrating.com/services/factory-plant-relocation/

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