Remove Two (2) 3,000HP Cooper LSV-12 Engines w/KM-4 Gas Compressors

Project Details

  • Project: Remove natural gas engines driving KM-4 gas compressor, dismantle  into major components, protect surfaces from excessive weight

  • Equipment used: Versa Lift 40/60, overhead crane

  • Location: Clendenin, WV

  • Date: February 2017

Scope of Work:

Remove and load onto trucks, two (2) 3,000HP Cooper LSV-12 gas engines from gas compressor station in Clendenin, WV.


  • Remove two (2) 3,000HP Cooper LSV-12 natural gas engines driving KM-4 gas compressors
  • Dismantle into major components prior to removal
    1. Two v-blocks
    2. Intermediate crankcase
    3. Lower crankcase – heaviest piece @ 45,000#
  • Protect exterior ground surfaces from excessive weight

Unique Challenges:

The units were disassembled into major components prior to removal.  This was necessary to due to two multiple factors which include:

  1. Removing the units in whole would have required removal and relocation of significant mechanicals, utilities and ancillary equipment. Because this was a removal and replacement, avoiding these costs was beneficial to the customer and customers schedule.
  2. This was an active compressor station with substantial sub-grade pipelines, utilities and mechanicals; some of which had marginal cover. Consequently, ground bearing pressures were of a significant concern.  Even limiting ground bearing to rigging primary component weights required plating 1,500 square feet of exterior grade with 60,000# of 1” steel plate.
  3. Several roads and bridges immediately local to the compressor station were structurally unable to handle the loads that would have been imposed transporting the units in whole.
  4. Overhead crane capacity in the building was sufficient only for 60% of the 45,000# lower crankcase (heaviest piece). We supplemented the OH crane with a Versa Lift 40/60.


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